Torres Islands

The Torres Islands are the northernmost island group in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. Along with the Banks Islands, they form the Vanuatu Province Torba.


The small group is bordered to the north by the Solomon Islands and in the southeast the Banks Islands. West of the Torres Islands, is, at the tectonic interface between Australian and Pacific plate, a deep sea trench ( Torres - ditch ).

The islands stretch for about 44 km air line and, unlike almost all the other islands of Vanuatu, no volcano, but coral islands. The highest geographic points are a maximum of 200 m above sea level. The group includes the following islands:

Name the island group

The name Torres Islands is probably derived from the name of the Portuguese navigator Luiz Vaez de Torres from which, together with the navigator Pedro Fernández de Quirós also visited some islands of Vanuatu today in the 16th century. After Luiz Vaez de Torres but especially the " Torres Strait ", a strait between Australia and New Guinea, and the Torres Strait Islands are located there named. The islands off the northern coast of Australia have, however, located east with the herein described Vanuatu, and over 1,700 km, Torres Islands to do nothing.


In the Torres Islands are now living 826 people who speak two languages: Hiw and Lo - Toga. The settlement Lungharegi on the north coast of the island of Loh serves as the official administrative center of the island group.