Vendas Novas Municipality

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Vendas Novas is a circle ( concelho ) and a city ( Cidade ) in the district of Évora in Portugal with 11,080 inhabitants (as of 30 June 2011).


The town was once here Theodosius I, Count of Braganza, made ​​in 1530 to set up a hostel. She lay on the road from Evora to Lisbon about halfway. The term originated from the Portuguese terms Vendas ( ancient for stall ) and Novo ( for New). The resulting here in the sequence settlement grew over the years.

A significant development was boosted Vendas Novas, as in 1857 the railway reached the place. The place was in 1911 raised to the small town ( Vila ). He remained a municipality of the district Montemor -o -Novo, until it dissolved in 1962 and became an independent county. The new county was annexed to the much older church Landeira. 1993 was raised Vendas Novas to the city ( Cidade ).

Culture and sights

There are mainly former public buildings, which are among the monuments here, such as post office, hospital and fire station. The baroque palace Palacio Real de Vendas Novas: wearing or wore more names, in accordance with its contemporary features, so Palacio Real de D. João V ( dt ( dt Royal Palace of Vendas Novas ) royal palace of the king D.João V. ) or Escola de pratica Artilharia (German: practical artillery school). He emerged from the original hostel of the 16th century.

The historic center as a whole is also a listed building.



Vendas Novas since 1962 administrative seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Montemor -o -Novo, Alcácer do Sal, Palmela and Montijo.

The circle Vendas Novas consists of two municipalities ( Freguesias ):

  • Landeira
  • Vendas Novas


Local holiday

  • September 7


Important sector of the circle is the industry, especially suppliers to the automotive industry and companies in the cork processing. Also, flour mills and bakeries are mentioned.

It is worth noting from the primary sector forestry, cork production and animal husbandry. Approximately 67% of the green spaces of the circle are considered to be grazed oak groves, the montados. Also, animal husbandry and the cultivation of cereals and vegetables, especially tomatoes, plays a role.


Vendas Novas is connected via the railway line Linha do Alentejo to the national rail network, and is part of the nationwide Busnetztes of speech Expressos.

The place is located on the N4 road, via the connections to the A6 motorway and 16 km A13, 6 km away.