List of municipalities of Portugal

The list of municipios in Portugal (including municipalities ) calls the 308 corporations ( autarquia ) the second level of local self-government in Portugal, which have existed since 2004. The Municipio include in the concelho with which the geographically circumscribed circle is meant to nearby communities ( Freguesias ). The Municipio is the most important administrative unit of the country. The division into municipios has in Portugal in the course of his eight hundred year history, a long tradition.

The Municipio is managed by the Câmara Municipal ( which, depending on the province, the German district office or the district administration corresponds ). The Câmara is headed by a Council, the president of the Câmara and the Vereadores, full-time time officials belong. The members will be just like the Assembleia Municipal elected as a municipal parliament, unless the Municipal Assembleia not as automatic members the President of the Juntas Freguesias belong anyway - in a voice lower than the number of elected members. President of the Câmara is the standing on the first list position of the party with the most votes a candidate. The Council of the Câmara Municipal belong - to depend on the size of the population of the municipios - 5 to 17 members. The Council is the executive body, responsible for the administration of the Municipio, among others, in accordance with the decisions taken by the Assembleia Municipal decisions.

Municipal coats of arms and flags

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The municipios and Freguesias have their own flags. The appearance of the flag is in principle dependent on the size of the population. There are three orders of magnitude:

In the center of each flag is usually the local coat of arms, but it can also be omitted for simplicity. The coat of arms a silver brick crown is also still attached with three ( Aldeia ), four ( Vila ) or five ( Cidade ) towers. Lisbon as the capital wearing a golden crown. Below the coat of arms is also mentioned a banner with the name of the administrative unit. According to the Law for Municipal Flags Cidades have an eightfold confess changed, Vilas a quartered and aldeias monochrome flags. In addition, the law states that may follow only on metal (silver or gold), and metal only on color corresponding to the color heraldic rules. However, there are always deviations from the specifications.

In particular, there are the following Municipalities: