Pampilhosa da Serra

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Pampilhosa Vila da Serra is a ( small town ) and a circle ( concelho ) in Portugal with 1386 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011).


The first traces of human settlement found here from the end of the second, the beginning of the first millennium BC. The present town was first mentioned in 1241 AD. mentioned. In 1308, King D.Dinis raised his place and gave him the Vila city rights ( Foral ). The state had the place against its resistance leave several times and was repeatedly Covilhã affiliated in the wake until it was declared independent in 1399 by King D.João I. Vila final.

Renewed in 1513 King Manuel I, the city rights.



Pampilhosa da Serra is the administrative seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are ( clockwise beginning in the north): Arganil, Covilhã, Fundão, Oleiros, Sertã, Pedrógão Grande and Gois.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle Pampilhosa da Serra:

  • Cabril
  • Dornelas do Zêzere
  • Fajão
  • Janeiro de Baixo
  • Machio
  • Pampilhosa da Serra
  • Pessegueiro
  • Portela do Fojo
  • Unhais -o -Velho
  • Vidual


Culture, Sports and Attractions

In the circle are two of the traditional slate villages, the aldeias do xisto. Thematically ordered, both local and regional trails lead through the circle.

In the whole circle of semi-natural rural tourism is offered, and also the hunting tourism is important, in particular by the Agency Serracaça - Sociedade Cinegetica e Turística de Pampilhosa da Serra, Lda in Fajão.

In Pampilhosa da Serra a mountain bike center is established, the Centro BTT. It offers swimming, special premises and services, and is the starting point for different scale bicycle trails by 122 km in length.

Barragem Santa Luzia offers a variety of swimming and water sports. Bird watching is also possible here.

The football club Grupo Desportivo Pampilhosense, the water sports club Clube Náutico, and hunting and fishing club Associação do Clube de Pesca e Caça MBL are the major sports clubs in the district.

In the circle are 20 Grade II listed buildings to see, especially religious buildings, in particular the parish church Igreja da Paroquial Pampilhosa da Serra (also Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pranto ) with an altarpiece from the 16th century.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Fernando Brito ( born 1957 ), painter
  • Tony Carreira ( born 1963 ), Portuguese singer ( from Armadoura in the community Cabril )