Willa L. Fulmer

Willa Lybrand Fulmer ( born February 3, 1884 in Wagener, South Carolina; † May 13, 1968 on his way to England on board a ship ) was an American politician. Between November 1944 and January 1945, she represented the state of South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Willa Fulmer attended the public schools in her birthplace Wagener and then the Greenville Female College. She married Congressman Hampton P. Fulmer. Like her husband, she was also a member of the Democratic Party. After her husband's death in October 1944, she was in the by-elections in the second constituency of South Carolina as his successor in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC selected. There she ended between November 7, 1944, and January 3, 1945, Unopened legislature, which was overshadowed by the events of the Second World War.

In the regular congressional elections of 1944 Willa Fulmer is no longer a candidate. In the following years she was engaged in agricultural matters. She died on 13 May 1968, aboard a ship on its way to England and was buried in Orangeburg.