George W. Dargan

George William Dargan (* May 11, 1841 in Darlington, South Carolina, † June 29, 1898 ) was an American politician. Between 1883 and 1891 he represented the state of South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives.


George Dargan was a great-grandson of Lemuel Benton (1754-1818), who was sitting 1793-1799 for South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives. He attended the common schools and the Military Academy of South Carolina. During the Civil War he served in the Army of the Confederate States. After a subsequent study of law and its made ​​in 1872 admitted to the bar, he began practicing in his new profession in Darlington.

Politically Dargan was a member of the Democratic Party. In 1877 he was elected to the House of Representatives from South Carolina. In 1880, he worked as a prosecutor in the fourth judicial district of South Carolina. In the congressional elections of 1882 he was again appointed in the sixth constituency of South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC selected. There he met on March 4, 1883 at its new mandate. After three re- elections, he was able to complete 1891 four contiguous legislatures in Congress until March 3.

In 1890 Dargan renounced another candidacy. In the following years he worked again as a lawyer in Darlington. There he is on June 29, 1898 and passed away.