The cave named Wind Cave is located in Wind Cave National Park in western South Dakota and one with 202 km -researched ways to the longest caves in the world. The cave is known for Boxwork called calcium formations, such as honeycomb spread on the walls.

The national park was established in 1903 under President Theodore Roosevelt as the seventh national park in the United States. The Wind Cave is the first cave, which was declared a National Park. Further west is another large cave, Jewel Cave.

On the surface, one of the last prairies has been preserved, which is a natural home to bison, wapiti deer, pronghorn antelope and prairie dog. 2007, the park was included in the large-scale reintroduction program for the Schwarzfußiltis. The kind that is already thought to be extinct, is traced in captivity and reintroduced in central and western regions of the United States since 1991.