Yemeni rial

1 EUR = 297.87 YER 100 YER = 0.33572 EUR

1 CHF = 243.45 YER 100 YER = 0.41076 CHF

The Yemeni Rial (Arabic ريال يمني, DMG Riyal Yamani ) is the currency of the Republic of Yemen. It is divided into 100 fils. The name derives from the Spanish Rial Real, the currency in Spain was for several centuries, (derived from the Spanish rey = king).

The ISO code is YER.


Even before the unification of the two Yemen there was in North Yemen ( Yemen in the UK and from 1962 in the Yemen Arab Republic) the ( North Yemen ) Rial ( YER) as currency. In South Yemen (Protectorate of South Arabia, South Arabian Federation, People's Democratic Republic of Yemen after ) the currency of the dinar was Südjemenitische ( YDD ).

The North Yemeni rial was first divided into 40 Buqsha, 80 or 160 Halala Zalat. From 1 April 1975 1 Rial was divided into 100 fils

After the unification of Yemen in 1990, the riyal was adopted as a common currency, the ISO currency code YER remained. The dinar remained in the south of the country near the Rial until 1996 its official currency.

In March 1990, a Rial 0,174 DM was worth; a südjemenitischer Dinar corresponded to a year earlier to 5.19 DM From 1990 to 1996, the exchange rate between the two currencies 1 dinar = 26 riyals.

100 riyal note

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