Zhokhov Island

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The Schochow Island (Russian Остров Жохова, Ostrow Schochowa ) is an island in the East Siberian Sea, a part of the sea of the Arctic Ocean. You geographically belongs to the group of De Long Islands, part of the New Siberian Islands, administratively to the Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ).


The Schochow Island is located about 600 kilometers north of the northern coast of Siberia and 128 kilometers northeast of the island of New Siberia. Its area is 77 km ², its highest elevation is 123 meters above the sea. The island is surrounded by pack ice even in summer, but not glaciated. Its surface is characterized by tundra with low-growing grasses, mosses and lichens.


In contrast to the other De Long Islands Bennett, Henrietta and Jeannette ( discovered in 1881 ) was discovered this island until August 27, 1914 the framework of the Russian " Hydrographic Expedition of the Arctic Ocean " under the direction of Boris Wilkizki. It is named after Alexi Schochow, a participant of the expedition. On the island about 8000 years old tools were found, suggesting a settlement of the Schochow Island in the Mesolithic period. 1955 a small Arctic research station was built on the Schochow Island.