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The A90 road (English for, road A90 ') is a trunk road in Scotland, connecting Edinburgh to Fraserburgh. It provides an important link of the Central Belt with the regions Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire dar.

It starts in the center of Edinburgh and leaves town in west north-westerly direction to cross over to the Forth Road Bridge Firth of Forth. A few kilometers further on the A90 Inverkeithing height is then first resolved and seamlessly transferred to the M90 motorway. At the end point of the M90 motorway east of Perth is then downgraded to A90. The A90 continues in a northeasterly direction to Dundee, where it bends to the north and after driving round Forfar in turn strikes a northeasterly direction. At Stonehaven it reaches the North Sea coast and essentially follows the coastline to Aberdeen. From there, the A90 runs initially in a northerly direction, closes in a wide semicircle out Peterhead to the road network and finally reaches Fraserburgh on the north coast of Aberdeenshire. In the city center it meets the A98 coming from the southwest direction, with both streets find their endpoint.

Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen, the A90 is widened to four lanes in general and tapers from Balmedie height to two lanes. However, there are plans which also road north of Balmedie another eight miles to the south of Ellon expand to four lanes. Further north offers the 25km A952 a direct path towards Fraserburgh, while the A90 runs over Stonehaven and the A952 accommodates south of Fraserburgh again.

Crossing the Dee in Aberdeen about going back to the 16th century Bridge of Dee

Rural areas north of Aberdeen