Aquila, Switzerland

Aquila TI

Aquila is a village and formerly independent municipality in the district of Olivone in the district Blenio of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. As of October 22, 2006 Aquila was merged with Campo (Blenio ) Ghirone, Olivone and Torre to the new community Blenio.


For the former municipality of Aquila were next to the main town of the hamlet Dangio, Grumarone, Pinaderio and Ponto Aquilesco and a number of mountain pastures in Val Soi and on the slopes of Punta di Larescia. In addition, the territory was divided into two enclaves - areas that kept Aquila during the cleavage Ghirones. In the larger enclave is a part of Lago di Luzzone.

Aquila bordered on the following, listed from the southeast clockwise communities: Serravalle, Torre, Acqua Rossa, Olivone and Ghirone in the canton of Ticino, as well as Medel ( Lucmagn ) Vrin and Vals in the canton of Grisons.

Fusion community

The decided by the cantonal parliament on 25 January 2005 merger of the five municipalities of the upper valley portion joined in Aquila, who wanted to remain independent, with resistance. After the Federal Court dismissed the appeal of the community in April 2006, was originally planned merger by the spring of 2006 to the municipality Blenio fact.



  • Giovan Battista Degiorgi ( born January 29, 1733 in Aquila: † 1780-1790 in Vienna), painter
  • Members of the Chocolatier families Maestrani and Cima
  • Davide Buzzi ( born 1968 ), Cantautore ( songwriter )
  • Michel Buzzi ( born 1948 ), writer and Cantautore
  • Gerardo Rigozzi ( b. 1951 ), mayor of Bedano, director of the Canton Library Lugano


  • Parish Church of San Vittore Mauro
  • Built in 1461 Ponte Romano while not derived from the Roman period, but is one of the oldest stone bridges in Switzerland.,
  • In the district of " Cresedo " is a patrician villa with frescoes by Johann Jakob Riegg. ,
  • Oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • In the district of " Grumarone " Oratorio Sant'Anna with frescoes ( 1624)
  • In the district of " Dangio », Church of Sant'Ambrogio
  • Bernardi residence with fresco
  • Villa Cima
  • Albergo Adula ( Hostel )
  • In the district of " Ponto Aquilesco " Oratory of Santa Caterina with frescoes
  • In the district, " Pinaderio " oratorio Sant'Antonio Abate
  • In the district of " Vignee " Kalchturm.