Auw bei Prüm

Auw bei Prüm is a municipality in the district of Bitburg -Prüm, in Rhineland -Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality of Prüm. Auw bei Prüm is a nationally recognized tourist.

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The municipality is divided into the districts of:

  • Auw with the living quarters Heidehof and Schlausenbachermühle
  • With a few houses of the hamlet Herzfenn which otherwise belongs Laude field for local church Oberlascheid
  • Schlausenbach with the now -knit hamlets Kesselsfenn and Traudenfenn and the living space Hascheid
  • Wischeid with the hamlet Verschneid

The largest part of the municipality lies between the crest of the Schneifel in the southeast and the south -flowing German -Belgian border Our River to the northwest. The nucleus Auw and Laude field Herzfenn and Wischeid lies high above the valley of the Our. Verschneid lies beyond the river, and is the only village in Germany on its western shore. Schlausenbach is located southeast of the core village at Schlausenbach, one of the headwaters of the Little River Auw, the jammed just before the border to a small lake, forms the German -Belgian border below the dam.

The places across the border are among the major Belgian municipalities Büllingen in the north and St. Vith in the West.


Yard Auw

Auw belonged in the Middle Ages to the rule Schoenberg and was first mentioned in the year 1342, as Zils ( Gilles, Giles), Mr. Daun and his wife Gwendolyn to her court to " Auwe in Oyslinck " ( Islek ) for 400 plate guilders for re- sale sold Konrad Lord of Schönberg. The rule Schoenberg came in 1375 to the Electorate of Trier, which transformed the rule beginning of the 16th century in the Office Schoenberg. Auw was within the Office Schoenberg 1540 Main place of one of the three as " farms " designated administrative units. For " farm Auw " included the villages Kobscheid, Roth, Schlausenbach, Verschneid and Wischeid. In Auw was for the courts Auw and Manderfeld a court, which belonged to seven aldermen and the mayor an official board.

In 1624 Auw had 22 households or Hofstätten, this may have been floor courtyards, and was one of the larger villages in the region.

Parish Auw

The old parish of the Church of St. Peter and Paul to Auw belonged to the deanery Eifler in the Cologne diocese. The present parish church was built around 1530, the church tower is assigned to the 11th century. To the parish were the villages Kobscheid, Laude field, Roth, Schlausenbach, Verschneid and Wiescheid. Branch chapels were in Kobscheid (St. Francis Xavier, since about 1686), Roth ( St. Leonhard, built around 1500 ) and Schlausenbach.

A Auwer pastor called " Campensis " 1627 burned at the Radsberg as a sorcerer.

Today Auw part of the Dean's Office " St. Willibrord West Eifel " in the diocese of Trier.

Bürgermeisterei Auw

In the context of the Napoleonic Wars, the region came under French administration in 1794. Auw belonged from 1798 to the canton of Schoenberg in Prüm district of Saar departments. Auw maintained as a place of Mairie its administrative function. These included the sites of previous " court Auw " and Laude field.

After the Rhineland came under the Treaties, the Congress of Vienna to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1815, was Auw seat of the mayor in the 1816 newly created district of Prüm in the Trier region. To mayoralty were the same places, as under French administration. The mayor's office was administered by Bleialf from. 1933, the office was Auw (1927 were all mayors renamed offices) along with the offices Bleialf, Habscheid and winter Scheid dissolved and the Office Bleialf newly formed, which existed until 1968,.

Due to the mid-1960s started Rhineland-Palatinate territorial and administrative reform came Auw on November 7, 1970 the district of Bitburg -Prüm (now the district of Bitburg -Prüm ).


On January 1, 1971, the formerly independent communities Laude field (120 inhabitants), Schlausenbach (134) and Wischeid (128 ) were incorporated, the same day the community Auw received the additional name " bei Prüm ".


The development of the population of Auw bei Prüm based on the present-day municipality; the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in Auw bei Prüm consists of twelve council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 of personalized proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman. The twelve seats in the City Council are distributed among three groups of voters.


  • Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul

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