BIG 25 Berlin

The 25 km from Berlin (official name since 2009 BIG 25 Berlin, from late 2007 to 2008 BERLIN RUNS ... 25 km, previously run Berlin) is a full- registered since the beginning of May 1981 Population and road race in Berlin.

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The route starts on the Olympic course, leads in the form of a figure eight at the Victory Column passing through the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, Kurfürstendamm and the highway back to the Olympic Stadium, where the target is located.

The run was originally organized by the French occupiers of West Berlin and is therefore still colloquially referred to as a French run. Since the Berlin Marathon was moved until the fall of 1981 in the city center, 25 km from Berlin were the first city- run in Berlin.

Since 1991, the running of the Berlin Association of Athletics Federations ( BLV ) was continued, who passed on the responsibility in 2007 to Gerhard Janetzky ( managing partner of the ISTAF ) and Christoph Kopp ( BLV former president ).


Track records

  • Men: 1:11:18 h, Dennis Kipruto Kimetto (KEN ), 2012 ( world record)
  • Women: 1:19:53 h, Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (KEN ), 2010 ( world record)

Finishers Ahlen 2011

Participants in the target

  • 25 km: 4048 ( 3077 men and 971 women ), 128 less than last year
  • 10 km: 2179 (1215 men and 964 women), 279 more than last year

List of winners

Sources: website of the organizer, ARRS and AIMS

Development of finishers Ahlen

Inline skating competition

The discipline inline skating in 2000 for the first time part of the 25 km from Berlin. On April 30, the in-line skaters were 15 minutes before the main run, started on a half- marathon route with start and finish on the Olympic course.

Despite the three-digit subscriber growth in the first years of the figures from 2004 were declining. This was due to organizational problems with the necessary requirements of this sport. The start could not be started on the Olympic course due to lack of soil and had to be held separately. The finish in the Olympic Stadium was not possible for skaters and had to be outside the stadium.

These two cost factors and not consistently carried out surveying the skater track, the race for skaters could be more unattractive. In its peak in 2003 provided the skater with more than 1400 messages for the " 25 km away from Berlin" slightly more than 20 percent of the participants. As a result, more and more inline speed skaters of Berlin were from and it culminated in 2007 with a record low of less than 600 participants ( The main run was reported in the same year a huge subscriber decline ).

2008 ISTAF took over the organization and emphasized the roller blading entirely from the program. The statement they wanted to halt the downward trend was inconceivable, because in one fell swoop was obviated a not contemptible part on athletes.

List of winners