Dieter Grahn

Dieter Grahn ( born March 20, 1944 in Zobten ) is a former East German rowers and coaches, and from 2000 to March 2009 coach of the German men's national team.

Grahn began rowing in the club BSG unit Meissen. He was in the sixties and seventies twice each Olympic, World and European Champion in the coxless four of the GDR. From 1980 Grahn celebrated as manager of various belt boats of the GDR team successes with wins at World Championships and Olympic Games.

Since reunification Grahn worked for the national training center of Dortmund as a junior coach. During this time he oversaw a number of successful teams at World Championships and Olympic teams. The supervised by him U23 won eight inter alia, 1997 and 2000 the world title in this age group. After the Germany 2000 Eighth had failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Sydney and also disappointed other boat classes, was Dieter Grahn coach of the men's belt team. Since then, the team was again increasingly achieved success, including was the German coxless four in 2002 and eight in 2006 Germany World Cup. In 2008, he is responsible for the aft Germany after its regular performances at the pre-Olympic World Cup has been withdrawn, but he remained discipline coach for the men's belt area. A little later he withdrew from the preparation of the 2008 Olympics back completely.

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