Anton Rom

Carl Anton " Toni" Rome (* March 10, 1909, † December 30, 1994 ) was a German rower. In 1936 he became Olympic champion in the coxless four.

Rome won in 1933 his first German championship with the aft of the Würzburg Rowing Club from 1875. A year later Rudolf Eckstein, Anton Rome, Martin Karl and Wilhelm Menne changed in the coxless four and victorious after winning the German Championship also at the European Championships in Lucerne. Missing in 1935 Charles Martin, for him sat Ernst Gaber from Mannheim RV in the same boat. The four rowers won at the German Championship in both the quad without and in the four with coxswain. Together with coxswain Johann Hauer path they also won at the European Championships in Berlin. 1936 Martin Karl returned back into the boat. Eckstein, Rome, Karl and Menne won by two European Championships and at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.