Giacinto Facchetti

Giacinto Facchetti 1968

Giacinto Facchetti ( born July 18, 1942 in Treviglio (BG), † 4 September 2006 in Milan ) was an Italian football player and functionary.

The defender played for 18 years for Inter Milan and won in the time of Grande Inter numerous titles with the team. Later, he even rose to president of the association.

For a long time Facchetti captain of the national team, with which he was runner-up in 1970. In 2004, he was informed by Pelé on the list of 125 greatest living footballers. (FIFA 100)



The son of a railway worker was as a boy avid soccer player and athlete. The outstanding sprinter dreamed of becoming an Olympic 100m champion, but the attraction of football was stronger. In the spring of 1960, when the 18 -year-old for his hometown club U.S. Trevigliese as a striker was active, experienced his life the decisive turn: he was discovered and undertakes Inter Milan head coach Helenio Herrera.

Club career

" The Magician " Herrera immediately recognized, could play the role Facchetti in his system of Catenaccio and trained him to go to the left defender. When Catenaccio acted as a bulwark of four defensive players and the libero, supported by a holding midfielder. The two peaks were lurking mostly in his own half to counter-attack opportunities. Facchetti was defender and winger at the same time: by its athletic requirements, its exceptional speed and technique, he was predestined for this role. He was one of the first defenders, who moved the action radius of this position from the own half into the opponent.

On May 21, 1961 Facchetti made ​​his debut in Serie A in a 2-0 victory over AS Roma and was quickly become an integral part of the team. Facchetti trademark it was elegantly enforce the defensive to start immediately after its storm passes. He was a good edge sensor for the striker Sandro Mazzola and Jair da Costa. Focused on his opponent while shielding the attacker, he sought self- completion. Inter's system was far from beautiful, but extremely effective and successful: in 1963, 1965 and 1966, they won the championship. Because of the destructive way of playing his team Herrera was repeated as " gravedigger of football" insulted. But the Milanese and international level have been successful with the Catenaccio. 1964 brought the team to the European Champion Clubs' Cup, as they prevailed 3-1 in the final in Vienna against Real Madrid. 1965 ran at Benfica 0-1 in vain against the Italian stronghold at. After twice winning the World Cup (1964 and 1965 ) Facchetti was behind Eusébio second in the election to the European Footballer of the Year. 1967 Inter lost the final against Celtic Glasgow 1-2.

In 1971 he finished fourth Scudetto with the " Nerazzurri ", but were defeated by Johan Cruyff in the final of the European Champions' Cup the team of Ajax Amsterdam is. From the mid- seventies had Facchetti athletics pay tribute to the age and he decided as a sweeper to reinvent. In the next few years he took behind the defense and was limited to purely defensive tasks. At the age of 36 years Giacinto Facchetti announced his retirement from active competition. On May 7, 1978, he completed his last game for Inter in Serie A and left after 18 years the lawn of the Stadio San Siro.


After his debut on March 27, 1963 against Turkey Facchetti was also in the " Squadra Azzurra " regular player at left-back. In the 1966 World Cup in England, however, he seemed like all his teammates from the same apathy to be affected, which led to the sensational defeat against North Korea (0-1) and should remain as a "game of shame " in memory. After this embarrassing defeat Italy already retired from after the first round. Two years later, the national team rehabilitated at the Tifosi and Facchetti led the selection as a new captain in his own country to the European Championship title. He had passed on the way to winning the title under coach Ferruccio Valcareggi all six qualifiers against Romania, Switzerland and Cyprus, was active in the two quarter-finals in April 1968 against Bulgaria, in the semi-final against the USSR and in the two final games on the 8th and 10th June in Rome against Yugoslavia.

1970 led Facchetti Italy's World Cup squad in Mexico as captain. After moderate Preliminary Italy met in the semifinals to Germany and defeated them in the legendary " Game of the Century " with 4:3 nV and moved into the final. In the semifinals, Facchetti had acted with calmness and seriousness. In the final, Italy had found against favorites Brazil no chance and also Facchetti in striker Jairzinho his master. After the deserved 1:4 defeat the national team returned anyway as heroes in their homeland.

In his third World Cup appearance in 1974 in Germany already hinted that Facchetti as full-back had his best times behind itself. Italy played a weak tournament and was eliminated again in the first round.

On November 16, 1977 Facchetti played his last international match against England at the famous Wembley Stadium. With 94 caps - of which 70 times as captain - he was for a long time most capped player of his country, before he was replaced by Dino Zoff.


After 18 years as a player Facchetti Internazionale remained even after the retirement of faithful and moved into management. In this new role, he attained the highest orders. On 13 November 2001 he was elected vice-president, before he was appointed on 19 January 2004 to the 19th president of the association.

End of life

Giacinto Facchetti died on 4 September 2006 after a long illness of pancreatic cancer, leaving his wife and four children. The last title Inter he could personally at the stadium no longer witness: Italian Supercup 2006 The players of the team dedicated this item their president.. After his death the whole country mourned for his great personality, the Requiem was held in the church of Sant'Ambrogio in Milan. Many people accompanied his coffin and his good friend Massimo Moratti published a very personal and moving letter on the website of Inter Milan. Out of respect for one of the greatest players who ever wore the blue-black jersey Inter Milan, the club's management decided Facchetti back number "3" not to forgive.

Facchetti was buried in the family grave in his native Treviglio.


With the national

  • European Championship: 1968
  • Vice World Champion: 1970

With his club

  • Italian Champion: 1962 /63 1964/65, 1965/66, 1970/71
  • European Cup Winners ' Cup: 1963/64, 1964/65
  • World Cup winner: 1964, 1965
  • Italian Cup Winners: 1977/78