House of Keys

The House of Keys ( German: House of keys) is the directly elected lower house of Tynwalds, the Parliament of the Isle of Man. The upper house is the Legislative Council.

The first known written mention of the name dates back to 1417th An English scholar, writes in Latin of the " claves man " and " Claves Legis " ( The key of man and the key to ( the ) laws ). The origin of the name is disputed. The word " keys" ( "key" ) is considered by some as an English corruption of the Old Norse word " kjósa " chosen viewed. A more likely explanation is that it is the misunderstood Manx Gaelic term for twenty-four, " Kiare as feed" is, as Parliament had always 24 members. The name of the House of Keys Manx is still Yn Chiare as feed ( " The Twenty-four ").

MPs hot Members of the House of Keys ( MICs ). The right to vote starts with sixteen years, the passive is limited to persons over the age over twenty-one years and have lived at least three years on Man. There are fifteen constituencies, two of which three MPs send, five, two and eight of each. The term of the House of Keys normally takes five years. However, there are rules according to which a premature dissolution is possible.

The speaker of the House of Keys ( SHK ) is an MIC, which is elected chairman of Parliament. He, like the other members also vote, but also the voice can contain, in contrast to the others. In the event of a deadlock in a vote, however, the speaker must not contain, and must vote. Attendance at the sessions is legally mandatory for MICs, and if a deputy can not appear, he has to ask to an absence permit.

The House of Keys selects most of the members of the Legislative Council. The legislative initiative is usually also the House of Keys. It is therefore the more powerful of the two chambers, while the Council is mainly controlling active.

The House of Keys occurs about once a month with the Legislative Council to a joint session, called Tynwald Court ( Tynwald Court ) together. The President of Tynwald, elected by both houses, sitting in the Tynwald Court and the Legislative Council before. Once a year, on the national holiday Tynwald Day, however, the Vice- Governor of the Isle of Man in the chair.


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