Imperia (car)

Imperia was one of the most prestigious brands in the Belgian automotive history and was founded in 1904 by Adrien PIEDBOEUF.


PIEDBOEUF Adrien had a structure workshop, only for motorcycles, then also for cars in the rue de Fragnée in Liege, but moved in 1907 which was built by Henri Pieper, a Liege arms manufacturers new factory in Nessonvaux.

On the edge of the road Liège- Verviers, this building is an example of the architectural eclecticism of his time. The name Imperia chose Adrien PIEDBOEUF probably in memory of his stay in Aachen, where he had worked in the family's iron processing factories. Originally three models were produced. In 1910, an imperialist - carriage 144 km / h in Brooklands, USA.

1912 Imperia merged with the Company Springuel from Huy. In the factory in Nessonvaux several hundred cars a year now were produced. After the First World War, the production began again under the name Imperia Abadal. The new owner Mathieu van rye was clear that he had to step up production and produce smaller, cheaper cars. In 1923, the Model 1100 out, which achieved several racing successes in 1927 a six-cylinder model with a displacement of 1.65 liters.

Given the competition from foreign manufacturers, some of whom settled in Belgium, Mathieu van rye decided to set up a consortium. In 1927 he bought Métallurgique from Marchienne -au -Pont and Excelsior from Zaventem, 1928 Manufacturer Nagant. In 1929 he participated in the French manufacturers Voisin.

Due to the world economic crisis in 1929 also Imperia got into trouble and produced from 1932 Adler Trumpf under license.

1934 took over van rye the prestigious insolvent Antwerp brand Minerva, built -consuming to manufacture luxury cars. With the leftover parts of the bankruptcy until 1938 still Minerva's were produced. 1936 was even built on a prototype of a new Minerva of the top luxury class in Nessonvaux, a front wheel drive car with a 3.6 liter engine and automatic transmission. The war ended this project, which would have produced one of the most advanced cars in the interwar period.

After 1948 Imperia built Eagle and Standard Vanguard models under license. After Standard decided to build its own factory in Belgium, the factory had close any more and had to work in 1957.

Re- start of 2008

2008, a Belgian company bought the naming rights to bring out a hybrid vehicle under the brand Imperia.

In July 2012, the Imperia GP was presented. It is a hybrid vehicle in retro dress that a consumption of Smarts (2 liters per 100 kilometers ) and a performance of a sports car (4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h) should have. The vehicle will be available in mid-2013.

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