Intelsat is a technology company founded in 1964 with headquarters in Luxembourg. It offers the transmission capacity for national and international communication, such as voice, data transmission, Internet access and television broadcasting by means of geostationary communication satellites for consideration. The full name is Intelsat General Corporation. Since the launch of the groundbreaking Intelsat I, these satellites have been continuously developed and increased the transmission capacity. Intelsat satellites transmit in the C-band and Ku -band frequencies.


Intelsat I was the first commercial communications satellite in geostationary orbit. He was put into space on April 6, 1965 on top of a Delta -D rocket.

The satellite was baptized by the New York Times for lack of a catchy name Early Bird ( Early Bird ). He was acquired by the U.S. News and Society Comsat sold years later to the global news organization Intelsat satellite on. Early Bird transferred from his position 35,800 km above the equator at 28 ° west longitude on 2 May 1965, the TV entertainment show "Premiere in space " on both sides of the Atlantic.

Early Bird could carry 240 telephone conversations or TV show. Without drive, he weighed only 38 kilograms. The transmit power was 40 watts and the life of 1.5 years. He had a diameter of 72 centimeters and was 59 inches long.

The operating organization was founded on 20 August 1964 by eleven participating countries as International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium. In 1973 with 80 participating States the name was changed to the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization ( ITSO ). On 18 July 2001 Intelsat was privatized after 37 years as an intergovernmental organization, and the name has since been written as Intelsat. In August 2004 the company was sold for 3.1 billion U.S. dollars in four U.S. and British private equity firms: Madison Dearborn Partners, Apax Partners, Permira and Apollo Global Management. A merger with PanAmSat was initiated.

2004 bought a number of Intelsat satellites for the U.S. market ( Telstar 5, 6, 7, 8 and 13) of the Canadian company Loral Skynet. These were classified under the name Intelsat Americas in the fleet.

In June 2007, the financial investor BC Partners bought 76 percent stake in the company. For five billion dollars were paid to Intelsat.

Intelsat had until December 2010, headquartered in Bermuda, after which he moved to Luxembourg. The majority of the employees, however, is stationed in Washington DC (USA).

Logo of 1978-1994

Intelsat satellite generations

Since the launch of Intelsat 1, the performance of individual generations of Intelsat satellites has always increased further. An overview of the performance development offers the following list:

According to media reports from 2005 Intelsat there for the launch of a satellite and its operation in the first year of about 200 million U.S. dollars, added insurance costs.