Journey (band)

Journey is an American rock band that has sold in its 40 -year career, more than 75 million records.

Band History

The band was founded in 1973 in San Francisco by the two former Santana members Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie. Was completed by the formation Ross Valory, Prairie Prince and George Tickner.

Prince left the band, however, even before the completion of the first LP and was replaced by Aynsley Dunbar. Following the release of the debut album Journey in 1975 also Tickner left the group. Neal Schon now took over the guitar work alone. The first album, and also the next two publications Look into the Future ( 1976) and Next (1977 ), were characterized by long instrumental passages and a slightly progressive touch, interspersed with subtle references to the former employer Santana. However, the formation remained the commercial success denied and they met the decision to continue to present themselves more accessible. For this purpose, first the singer Robert Fleischman was committed, which should share the vocals with Rolie. The collaboration did not bring the hoped-for success, and after the separation of Fleischman the young singer Steve Perry was committed. His involvement made ​​itself felt on the next album Infinity (1978). The band presented itself song oriented and was able to post its first hit with the single release Wheel in the Sky. Perry's excellent singing made ​​itself felt especially in the ballad - oriented parts of the album and should evolve in the years to become one of the trademarks of the band. Dunbar left Journey after this album and was replaced by Steve Smith.

The two subsequent albums Evolution ( 1979) and departure (1980 ) moved on stylistically similar terrain and brought the band some hits, such Lovin ' Touchin' Squeezin ' Any Way You Want or it. The live album Captured (1981 ) ended the Gregg Rolie era of which was dedicated to his solo career. As a new member joined Jonathan Cain ( keyboards), the group that was active for the babies before. With this reshuffle again was accompanied by a stylistic reorientation. The rock elements receded into the background and make room for ballads moments that mainly came to fruition in the compositions of Perry and Cain. The rest of the band members were initially suspicious of this change, but when this realignment proved to be successful, they relented.

The 1981 released album Escape topped the Billboard 200 and became the most successful work to date the band. It contains numerous top ten hits like Do not Stop Believin ', Who 's Crying Now and Open Arms.

Journey went successfully toured and released in 1983 the album Frontiers, which successfully placed in the charts. Separate Ways and Faithfully became hit singles. After extensive touring, the band took a break. During the recording of the album Raised on Radio ( 1986) Valory and Smith had left the band, the more and more certain the fate of the band at the request of Perry. Your work in the studio and on the subsequent tour was acquired by studio musicians. After the end of the tour there he finally broke and the band broke up. Cain and already jointly founded Bad English, while Perry devoted a solo career.

In 1996 there was a reunion in the classic team Perry, Schon, Cain, Valory, and Smith and the album Trial by Fire. The band was in the altered musical landscape not quite match previous successes, but makes it to the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and can record a hit single with When You Love a Woman. The album was promoted with a tour, but Perry was injured shortly before the start of the tour and was set for months out of action. The remaining members were unhappy with the situation and decided to go on without Perry in order to continue to go on tour can. For Perry, the singer Steve Augeri was committed, who had already made ​​a name for Tall Stories and Tyketto and vocally reminiscent of Perry. The voluntary distinctive drummer Smith was replaced by Deen Castronovo, who already played with Cain and early in Bad English. A first sign of life sent the tape with a contribution to the soundtrack of the movie Armageddon.

In 2001 Arrival followed with the first full-length album with the participation of Augeri. For the first time in history attacked Journey back to the aid of outside songwriters, but did not succeed in band heranzureichen on earlier successes. Disappointed with the lack of promotion for the album, the band parted from her record company Sony Music, with whom she had worked for 25 years. With Red 13 (2002), the band released the first in-house and presented five new songs that are not particularly distinguished from the Arrival- material, but had produced little rougher.

Journey played after that regular concerts in the U.S., but splurged again a publication break. Already planned at this time another project with Sammy Hagar, which should operate under the name Planet Us. His old companion Deen Castronovo was provided for the drummer sheet, whereas the well-known Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony was intended to be. The project meets for a short recording session, but Hagar and Anthony had to refrain shortly thereafter by other activities because they had committed themselves for a tour with Van Halen. The singer Jeff Scott Soto ( Talisman ) and bassist Marco Mendoza ( Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy ) is already a replacement. The project was renamed under the name Soul Sirkus and participated in the 2004 in-house, his first album with the title World Play on. Castronovo was struggling at this stage with alcohol problems and will be replaced by the studio musician Virgil Donati on drums. Before the release of the album in Europe and Japan all drum tracks are re-recorded by him. Soul Sirkus played a few concerts in the U.S. and Europe. Meanwhile, Journey singer Steve Augeri was working on pieces for a possible solo album. When he Neal Schon played for some ideas, this was immediately excited and saw it as an impulse, record a new Journey album. The band went into the studio and took it for the first time since the successful Escape / Frontiers days on the help of producer Kevin Elson back. This provided the band with the album Generations to find back to old strengths, both covered the song material and the stylistic orientation. For the first time, all five band members on vocals, with the bulk of the material was still sung by Augeri involved. Especially the freshly cured Castronovo impressed with unsuspected vocal ability and remembered with his phrasing strongly to the retiring Steve Perry.

2006 Journey resigned after more than 20 years back on in Europe. They play among other things successfully at festivals like in Lichtenvoorde (Netherlands) or on the Sweden Rock. As a singer, Steve Augeri functioned. At the subsequent U.S. tour with Def Leppard Jeff Scott Soto filled in for the indisposed on the vocal cords Augeri. In December, the final separation of Augeri was announced. Soto became an integral singer of the band. In spring 2007, Journey returned to Europe. The tour took them to Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

On 12 June 2007 Journey announced the separation of Jeff Scott Soto. As of November 2007, the band worked with the assistance of producer Kevin Shirley on new songs. The singer Arnel Pineda Philippine now was responsible for the song, which was officially launched in December 2007 as a new member of the band, and was discovered by guitarist Neil Already on YouTube as a singer in a Journey tribute band. The first album with Pineda on vocals, Revelation, was released in June 2008. The second is titled Eclipse and since May 2011 on the market. In 2011 and 2013 Journey came in the context of a European festival tour to Germany, where she sang at the 2-day "Rock the Nation" or " Hirock " festival, also on each of the Lorelei, were the headliners (eg with Foreigner or Whitesnake ).

As part of the Typhoon Haiyan singer Arnel Pineda made ​​, himself originally from Manila, for the Journey together with its concert agency Live Nation Entertainment; the near by Creative Artists Agency (CAA ) and their manager John Baruck donate more than $ 350,000 U.S. dollars to provide food in the crisis region. They also called on their fans, even with the Agency United Nations World Food Programme (WFP ) to donate.

In 2014 there were several rumors that Arnel Pineda would want to leave the band and Steve Perry would return to the band. However, this is denied by all sides. This was a statement Interwiev Perry that he was trying with Neal Schon to make music, but this is difficult. However, this was not done as part of Journey



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