The Office Karrharde was an office in the district of North Friesland, Schleswig -Holstein. Seat of the official administration was the parish of Leck, who was not himself a member of the Office.

The Office is for a lower administrative district - a Harde - in the Duchy of Schleswig referred. It had an area of ​​over 180 square kilometers and last just under 7500 residents in the communities

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". In Gold on Black sign foot with continuous golden wattle three full-grown green trees whose average is somewhat inflated and its open spaces are filled by two small green trees "


1966 Enge was (without Stedesand, Störtewerkerkoog and Wester- Schnatebüll ) Klixbüll (without Bosbüll and Lexgaard ), leak (no leak) and Medelby the Office Süderkarrharde formed from the communities of the dissolved offices. It included 23 municipalities. On 1 July 1967, the Office Ladelund, with the beginning of the year 1967 there was a management community, was dissolved and the communities also came to the office, which renamed itself in office Karrharde and now consisted of 27 municipalities:

1968 Büllsbüll was incorporated into Achtrup. With the formation of the district of North Friesland 1970, the six municipalities of the former Office Medelby ( Böxlund, Holt, Jardelund, Medelby, Osterby and Weesby ) came to the circle Flensburg- country in the Office Schafflund. In the same year Boverstedt was incorporated into Ladelund.

In 1974, the number of municipalities reduced then to ten: Klintum and Easter Schnatebüll were incorporated to leak, wood field after stadum, Lütjen Horn to Achtrup and the six municipalities Tight, Tight Heath, Knorburg, Sands, Schardebüll and Soholm joined to the municipality Enge-Sande together.

On 1 January 2008, the municipalities of the Office merged with the city Niebüll, the parish of Leck and the communities of the offices Bökingharde, Suderlugum and Wiedingharde to the Official Südtondern.