Ladelund is a municipality in the north of the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Ladelund is located about 20 km northeast of Niebüll on the German- Danish border. A few kilometers west of the municipality runs the main road 5 of Niebüll to Tønder in Denmark.


The first written mention is dated to the year 1352.

In the fall of 1944 was imprisoned for six weeks in the vicinity of the place KZ Ladelund, a satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp. In memory of the atrocities committed by the concentration camp memorial and meeting Ladelund was established.

On 01/01/1970 Boverstedt was incorporated.


Out of 13 seats in the municipal council, the CDU had since the municipal election 2008, seven, four, the SPD and the SSW two. The election on May 26, 2013 had the following result: five CDU, SPD four, SSW and the group of voters WGL two seats. The turnout was 53.6 per cent last.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold, a red gin, accompanied the right of a three-leaf blue oak branch to the left of a blue clover, down from three continuous wave blue threads. "


Ladelund has a Protestant and a New Apostolic Church, a German and Danish school ( Ladelund Ungdomsskole ) as well as several clubs. The local sports club is the TSV Ladelund / Achtrup. There is a football, and a skateboard area. In the old Maierei is the youth club "Jam" with recreational activities such as Xbox, PC, and various sports. The charging Lunder natural pool is a roughly five -acre lake with swimming guard, baby pool, kiosk and volleyball court.