Achtrup (Danish: Agtrup, Frisian: Åktoorp ) is a municipality in the district of North Friesland in the north-west of Schleswig-Holstein.

Geography and transport

Achtrup is located approximately 18 km east of Niebüll and a few kilometers south of the Danish border in a rural setting. South extend the federal highway 199 and the railway line Flensburg- Soft -Lindholm, the local public transport system was replaced by an express bus on the main road 199.

Achtrup lies in a flat landscape, a former sea - coast region. Nevertheless, even hills are located in the region such as the Mill Mountain with the famous mill Jenny. The Good Lütjen Horn is located in the municipal area.


Achtrup was first mentioned in a document dated March 31, 1398 as Aktorp. This instrument is equipped with seals to find in the city archives of Flensburg today. Therein, a sale of a property by Tomas Petersen in Achtrup is mentioned. Ever Flensburg is closely connected with the history Achtrups. A family Achtrup from Achtrup spawned several Flensburg mayor.

In 1968 Büllsbüll was incorporated. On February 1, was established in 1974 Lütjen horn. Lütjen horn was formed in 1927 out of the former same Gutsbezirk.


Municipal council

Of the 13 seats in the municipal council voters Community AWG had since the local elections 2008 six seats and the CDU four. The SSW were three seats, of which only two were occupied, since after the resignation of a representative Nachrückkandidat could not be named.

In the local elections on May 26, 2013, the AWG received 53.6 percent of the vote and seven seats. The CDU came to 24.7 per cent and three seats. The SSW reached 21.6 percent and three seats. The turnout was 53.9 percent.


For the election period 2013-2018 Uwe Matthiesen (AWG) was elected mayor. He replaced Hannelore Schulze, the Office held ten years.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Over blue sign foot, in a silver wave beams in the four red gold, diagonal angles wings of a windmill with silver rods and black hub, accompanied by two black ears "


The municipal area is predominantly agricultural. In the center there are also several commercial and retail businesses.

Culture and sights

The town's landmark is the mill Jenny, which is now used as a children's home.