Drage (Nordfriesland)

Drage is a municipality on the Eider in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein. As in most villages in Stapelholm is also a farmer in Drage bell, which was used as ringing or alert.

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Geography and transport

Drage is about five kilometers east of Friedrichstadt on the Eider and the federal highway 202 which runs from Frederick City to the east. Drage is an idyllic and structured by farming village. It offers a visual attraction with over 40 thatched houses and, for Stapelholmer typical villages, a farmer bell. It is the youngest village of the landscape Stapelholm. At the Eider river bank in Delje polder is a swimming area with lawn, with almost real sand beach and a jetty with slide.


Drage heard since 26 April 1970 North Friesland and the North Sea to the Official treene. In 1937 the Northern sluice box was built, which is approved for cyclists and pedestrians since May 2001, thereby connecting north Friesland with Dithmar.


On January 1, 1974, a field with about 75 residents at the time of Friedrichstadt was separated.


Municipal council

Of the ten seats in the municipal council voters Community AWGD had since the municipal election 2008, three seats, the voter communities KWVD and UWGD had as well as the SPD two seats and the SSW came to a seat In the local elections on May 26, 2013 increased the number of representatives to 13 Voter turnout was 56.8 percent. On the AWGD accounted for 30.4 percent and four seats, the UWGD 22.3 percent and three seats, the KWVD 14.9 percent and two seats, the SSW 14.4 per cent and two seats and the SPD 11.1 percent and a seat A seat went with 4.9 percent of the individual candidate, Hans Hermann Paulsen.


Since 2008 Hans Hermann Paulsen 's mayor. For the term 2013-2018, he was again re-elected as independent candidates.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Wellenschildfuß Over blue, therein a silver shaft thread two crossed brambles, a gold top, in a green pasture head, above the green sign head right and left two golden marsh marigolds "


The municipal area is predominantly agricultural. In the village there are several craft and service outlets, and some apartments have a grocery store and a nursing home.


In the list of cultural monuments in Drage (North Friesland ) are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.

Lock Nordfeld

The Eider sluice North Field, which was built from 1934 to 1936, situated in the municipality. To lock the north field, with a chamber length of 75 meters and a width of 9.50 meters, is as much a 43 meter wide fortification. However, only 65 meters in length and 9 meters in width are released for shipping. Longer or wider vessels must pre- register with the Water and Shipping Authority Tonning and obtain Genehmingung. At that time, built in the first line of dikes, sluice originally belonged to a flood, two flood and two ebb gates, since the construction of the Eider barrage a Sturmfluttor is disabled.

The lock can be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists since 2001 and connects the districts of North Friesland and Dithmar. At the same time it connects the lower internal Eider with the Tideeider. When it was built, there was no further downward flood fuses, today offers a Eidersperrwerk at the river mouth further protection. The lock should protect the cities upriver before the coming of the Eider North Sea storm surges, but also meant that downstream water accumulated even higher than before and also silted the Eider. Even after the construction of the Eider Barrage at the mouth of the hydrological regime has not yet stabilized in the Eider.