Jardelund (Danish: Jarlund or Jardelund ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. Norderfeld and Southshore field located in the municipality.


The place name means deer forest.

Since Jardelund was very valiant created on a hilltop, it is believed that the place is on the remains of an old defense post against the Frisians. However Jardelund was mentioned in documents only 1393rd through the village led a branch line of the ox path.

In the 18th century Jardelund was within the territory in which families from West Germany were settled as part of the Geest colonization. For the community in the past peat cutting has always been an important source of income. Today is the Frösleer - Jardelunder bog situated in Denmark and was partially renatured, a nature reserve. In the local Christian Lassen Mindemuseum the history of rural life of the past 100 years is conveyed.


The nine seats in the municipal council has been holding the local elections in 2013 - as it has been the local elections 2008 - the voter community WGJ.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold coupled with four narrow green tray a large green square is diagonally crossed a golden thing floor and a golden Torfspaten. "

The green square on an equally green St. Andrew's cross represents the floor plan of the village. It is like a fortress surrounded by walls, only at the four corners there are breakthroughs. Previously they were closed at night. The so-called thing stick with the earlier village meetings ( the Thing ) were convened from 1756 represents the peasant community in the village. The Torfspaten reminded that the peat was for centuries an important source of income for community residents.


The place is predominantly agricultural. Peat was also reduced.


The municipality belongs to the parish of St. Matthew in Medelby.

Center of the sporting and cultural life of the village hall and the fire station.