Scheggerott (Danish: Skæggerød ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. To the municipality of the district of Brarupholz heard ( Brarupskov ).

Geography and transport

Scheggerott is located about seven kilometers west of Kappeln between Suederbrarup and Kappeln in a rural environment. North of the village the main road runs 199 of Kappeln to Flensburg, south of State Road 201 from Kappeln to Husum.

The ending- rott comes either from clearing, so a settlement in the forest, or by - rotting, like Hamlet, that is a hamlet of a few houses.


Some mounds in the north of the village date back to the Neolithic or early Bronze Age, and bear witness to the early settlement of the area. A particularly large hill could be clearly assigned to the Bronze Age, there were numerous grave goods of this era in him. Among them was a magnificent sword. During the great migrations in the 5th century, people relied for the most part the landscape fishing, a new settlement did not begin until the 8th century.

When exactly Scheggerott was founded, is unclear. The village is however mentioned in the Waldemar - Erdbuch in 1231. The farms in Scheggerott under stood since the Middle Ages the goods Dollrott, Toestorf and the Schleswig Cathedral Chapter. The property rule ended, however, already largely in the 18th century. The farmers were able to take over their land in leasehold.

With the preußsischen annexation of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein in 1867, the time of local government began with the election of a community leader. The municipal council met for the first time in 1895. Economic boom experienced a the church in 1904, when the railway line Kappeln Suederbrarup was opened. The Scheggerotter station developed into a major regional hub for agricultural goods, merchants settled in the city. In May 1972, the passenger traffic came to a halt again.

In 1969, Scheggerott at the University Association Suederbrarup. Thus ended the history of the school in town that can be traced back 182 years.


On 1 January 1978, the neighboring community Brarupholz was incorporated.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council has the voter community UWBS since the local elections in 2013 five seats, the CDU four.


The community is predominantly agricultural.

Culture and sights

In the community a thatched half-timbered farmhouse is obtained, which was built in 1700-1750.

The fishing Railway stops in Scheggerott.


Since the 1960s, the local chapter M15 of the German Amateur Radio Club has its club station in Scheggerott.