Schaalby (Danish: Skålby ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. The municipality Schaalby includes the formerly independent villages Füsing ( Fysing ) Moldenit ( Moldened ) and Schaalby. They were joined in the course of municipal reform of 1974.

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The municipality Schaalby and former municipality Füsing also includes the small island Hestholm loop.

In Schaalby, the population increased in recent years steadily through active construction. The proximity of Schleswig ( 5 km) and the situation in fishing right on the Schlei helped.


Several tumuli in the municipality have an early settlements.

In the municipality there are two churches. The Moldeniter St. Jacob's Church dates from the 12th century and situated on a hill above Moldenit - surrounded by majestic lime trees. Stone walls, up to 1.30 m thickness, determine their appearance. The tower was first mentioned in 1586 and built in 1772 in the current design. Four round green tendrils wrap around crest fields with the emblems of the noble families of Ahlefeldt and Kiel man of Kielmannseck. 1682 was the altarpiece with the crucifixion scene from the founder of the goods Winning - a Mr. Schmidt - donated. His coat of arms now adorns the altar. Another landowner, John Lüdwig Jügert, the church owes its organ.

The St. Mary's Church is located in between the villages Kahleby Füsing and Schaalby. They once belonged to the monastery Gulden Holm Lake Maggiore, later to Schleswiger St. John Monastery. 1196 it was first mentioned as a Romanesque church in the 13th century it was considerably enlarged and remodeled in 1855 and added to the tower. Your special treasure is the Johann -Daniel Busch organ from 1784, since its restoration in 1989 one of the most important baroque organs Schleswig -Holstein. The Lost in the Middle Ages village Kahleby with its more than 800 -year history, one of the oldest settlement points in fishing, were probably very close to a pre-Christian sanctuary. It is striking, therefore, today the beautiful but lonely situation of the church near the Füsinger Au.

The watermill Kall family was first mentioned in 1464 and was used until 1970. Today, the fully functional mill is a listed building. After lying in the municipality village Füsing the 1702 resulting Füsingharde was named.


On January 1, 1974, the municipalities Füsing and Moldenit were incorporated ( with Klensby ).


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the local elections in 2013 six seats, the SPD three, the SSW and the Greens two.

Coat of arms


The municipal area is predominantly agricultural, but there are also some craft and commercial establishments.


In Schaalby there is the Ev.Luth. Parish Brodersby - Kahleby - Moldenit. The municipality is a member of the Evangelical Luth. Church Nordelbien. It includes the villages Goltoft, Brodersby, Geelbyholz, Royum ​​, Geel, Füsing, Schaalby, Kahleby, Moldenit and Klensby. It includes about 1650 church members, and the churches in Kahleby, Moldenit and Brodersby.


Good Winning

The property is located south of Moldenit and is now used as horse auction barn. The mansion is called the entrance gable the year 1671 as Year. However, a Vorläuferbau should already emerged in 1571 from the stones of the demolished St. Mary's Church on the spar in Schleswig.


In the community Schaalby the Boy Lornsen Elementary School is located.