Lindewitt (Danish: Lindved ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. Small Wiehe (Lille Vi), Linnau ( Lindaa ) Lüngerau ( Lyngvrå ) Riesbriek ( Risbrig ) and Sillerup belong to the municipality.

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Lindewitt is located in a wooded landscape, whence is derived the place name. The Danish lind for Linde and the Danish witt for forest produce translated " linden wood ".


The territory has been inhabited since the Neolithic period.

Good Lindewitt originated around 1500, the mansion was built in 1780. However, the estate is no longer.

From 1974 to 1993 was located in the primary and secondary school " Am Wald " the alternate seat of Schleswig-Holstein state government ( department Lindewitt / bunker LUDWIG ).


On 24 March 1974, the formerly independent municipalities Small Wiehe, Lindewitt - Lüngerau, Linnau, Riesbriek and Sillerup were merged to form the new municipality Lindewitt.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council voters Community WGL has since the local elections in 2013 ten seats and the SSW three.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " split in the shaft section of silver and green. Up from a leaf and seeds stand with five bolls formed Linden branch, below under half a cartwheel in confused colors. "


The community is predominantly agricultural. There are also a large number of wind turbines.

In 1972, the trade and industry association Großenwiehe - Lindewitt was founded. He is one of the oldest rural commerce and trade associations in the county.


In a former bakery in Lindewitt now houses a bakery museum. The old mill pond has been used since 1960 as a natural outdoor ( forest pool ). Popular recreational area is the Linde Witter forest.


Sports offered at TSV Lindewitt. Apart from football, handball and badminton, even sports such as archery and fistball be exercised.


The eventer and Olympic champion Peter Thomsen ( b. 1961 ) lives in small Wiehe.