Free Will is a municipality in Flensburg in Schleswig -Flensburg district in Schleswig -Holstein. Kleinsolt (Danish: Lille Solt ) Kleinsolt Heath field, Kleinsoltholz ( Lillesoltskov ) Kleinwolstrup (Lille Volstrup ) and Wielenberg ( Vilbjerg ) are located in the municipal area.


The community Freienwill is in the countryside fishing. The settlement structure of the individual villages in the local area is different. During Free Will is a little village, Kleinwolstrup is a scattered village.


In the municipality megalithic tombs from the Bronze Age have been preserved.

On March 24, 1974 Free Will was formed as a merger of the municipalities Kleinsolt and Kleinwolstrup. The community takes its name from a traditional residential space in Kleinwolstrup.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council has the voter community KWG since the local elections in 2013 six seats, the SPD and the CDU has four three seats.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Shared by blue and gold. Above, a begrannten from a sheet and two fruits of existing oak branch between two ears of corn, down a brick of granite ashlar, top provided with a black iron railing bridge in confused colors. "

The division of the municipality coat of arms in two equal halves makes reference to the 1974 merger of the villages were made Kleinsolt and Kleinwolstrup to a community with the name of Free Will. The new community will have not called after one of the original communities, but has settled the traditional name of a situated in the district Kleinwolstrup living space. Through the ears of corn agriculture is represented. You still constitutes the essential economic base for the community. The district is located on the Kleinsolt Kielsau over which the mapped crest below historic granite ashlar bridge leads in the local area. The oak branch characterizes the district Kleinwolstrup than the forest area of ​​the municipality. The shield colors gold and blue are not only for grain harvest and the water of the Au, but also are the traditional colors of the land part of Schleswig.


The community has evolved from an agricultural character towards a commercial and service center. There are also large-scale residential areas.


In the list of cultural monuments in Freienwill are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.

The Höckeberg with its 82 meters, the highest elevation of the landscape fishing.

The telecommunications tower Freienwill ( also referred to as Telecommunications tower Flensburg- Free Will, is an erected in the years 1974/1975 telecommunications tower of Deutsche Telekom in reinforced concrete construction, the as type tower type FMT 2/73 running tower is 174 meters total height of the highest type towers at all.

In Kleinsoltfeld is preserved in fishing with Grühbrücke the only granite ashlar arch bridge. She is now a protected monument.