Treia, Germany

Treia (Danish: Treja ) is a municipality in a wooded area along the treene in Schleswig -Flensburg district in Schleswig -Holstein. The municipal area Ipland, Goosholz, Grüft include ( Groft ), Haren castle, Nedderwatt ( Nedervad ) and son- wood ( Svinholt ) and the brake Wald.


Treia is a combination of the two Danish words Trae (wood) and Aa (Au, river), thus literally means " Holzau ". It follows that Treia initially been the river name, as we also proven in ancient records as to the place of Treya. (1406 and 1463 ), or tor Treya ( 1509 and 1528), Latin apud Traem is called. Later then became over time Traeaa as Treya or Treia the name of the place, while the name for the river in abwandelte treene.


Treia 1262 was mentioned as Traeaa. Since that time the place was owned by the Bishop of Schleswig, who maintained a fortified castle here. At the same time, the bishop in Treia let imposes a tariff of two kinds:

The Stapelholmer way that connected as a historical trade route in the Ochsenweg Oeversee with the Eider at Süderstapel, led by Treia.

The Nicolai Church carries on its western end the year 1757, the time of its enlargement. It was built probably around 1400. The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors. So it can be assumed that also the Treianer church has emerged at a time when the treene was still navigable. The sailors wanted to have a place of worship to implore the protection of their patron, or to thank him for his help. It also changes the position of the Church in the immediate vicinity of treene and the point where it crosses the path explained. This is likely a charging and storage space have been, therefore, where the boatmen had their stay. Initially, this was probably only a small wooden chapel, which has built from the plentiful supply of timber around. According to Prof. Haupt, architectural and art monuments, the crucifix in the current church dates back to the south wall at the pulpit dating from around 1300, so it is probably a piece from the first church, which thus an indication for the time they formation are. In old documents, however, is the edification of the year 1400, the speech with which the construction of the stone church and not the original wooden chapel is meant. The church was built in 1912 equipped with a wooden bell tower.

The former castle Haren Castle (also Fries Castle ) was built in 1415 by King Eric of Pomerania as a motte and destroyed the following year by the Frisians. Here, († * 13? , 1416 ) and the Danish captain of the castle squire Otto Reimer v. Sehestedt son fell on Maas life. After a squire situated near farm is named.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council have the CDU and the voters Community FWT since the municipal election in 2008 of five seats, the SPD has two and the SSW one seat

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold, a blue wave pile, covered on both sides with a notched in the middle black bar. Right above a floating red battlements bar, bottom left, a green oak leaf. "

Cultural Monuments

In the list of cultural monuments in Treia are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.