Ahneby (Danish: Åneby ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.


Ahneby was first mentioned in 1196 as Anabu. The place name means village of Ani. Was Ahneby 1868 independent rural community.


Since the local elections of 2013, the voters Community WGA has all nine seats in the municipal council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Azure, under a golden bronze ax is a sunken, above openwork and endgespitzter wave rafters, including a golden spiral bracelet. "

Since October 2006 Ahneby leads the municipal coat of arms. The bracelet and the ax to illustrate the prehistoric settlement of Ahnebys. In addition, is the Anglo-Irish style of the ax for clearing, development and agriculture, crafts and trade. His importance as a weapon and the tourism aspect as souvenirs are emphasized. The spiral bracelet represents the desire for unity, cohesion, prosperity and happiness.

The wave rafter points out the Ahnebyer watershed. Blue and silver are the arms of the historic Nieharde removed. The gold has its origin in the St. Andrew's cross of the arms of the municipality Steinbergkirche, which the membership is highlighted on this.

Economy and infrastructure

In the originally agricultural community, more and more residential areas arise.

The nearest train station is Sörup, about six kilometers west of Ahneby located on the railway route Kiel -Flensburg.


In the list of cultural monuments in Ahneby are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.

Pictures of Ahneby