Le Crotoy

Le Crotoy is a commune with 2179 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Somme in the Picardie region. It belongs administratively to the district Abville and Canton Rue.

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The municipality is located on the northern shore of the estuary of the River Somme, which is not quite correct here called Somme Bay and is located approximately 60 kilometers north- west of Amiens. Neighboring communities Crotoy are:

  • Rue in the Northeast,
  • Favières in the southeast,
  • Saint -Valery -sur -Somme in the south (on the other side of the river ) and
  • Saint- Quentin -en- Mont tour in the Northwest.

The town itself is situated in the extreme south of the municipal area, adjacent to the coast line. The largely flat municipality is on a number of watercourses and drainage channels, such as the Canal de la Maye and the Canal du Marquenterre traversed. On the northern boundary of the municipality of Maye River empties into the Bay of Somme.

Transport links

The municipality is mainly supplied by the department D940 road which runs as a coastal road of Le Tréport up in the space of Dunkirk. The crossing of the Somme Valley takes place a little further inland, in the range of Noyelles -sur -Mer.

The coming out of the Somme Valley and further north extending railway line branches into Noyelles -sur -Mer, with a branch line to Le Crotoy that leads others by Cayeux -sur -Mer ( Chemin de fer de la Baie de la Somme).




Two conservation areas are located in the immediate vicinity:

  • Bird sanctuary Parc du Marquenterre and
  • Nature Reserve Bay of Somme (French Réserve naturelle de la Baye de Somme).


The costs incurred in the extraction of sand sand pits are gradually filled with water. The resulted lakes are then used for sports and leisure activities. The coastal region itself with its long sandy beaches is a tourist attraction.

In the near-shore salt marshes many sheep are kept, additional sources of revenue resulting from fishing.