Ault (Somme)

Ault is a commune and canton capital in Somme in the Picardie region with 1674 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011). It belongs to the community association Communauté de communes de interrégionale Bresle maritime. The seaside town of Ault has received the Blue Flag for high water quality. The inhabitants are called Aultois (it).


Ault located 28 kilometers west of Abbeville on the English Channel in the south of the Picardy about six kilometers north of the Bresle, which marks the border with the region of Haute -Normandie here.

The community consists of three parts. Bourg is the center, the south is the hamlet of Bois -de- Cise and to the north is Onival. From Bourg to the mouth of the Seine, the coast is lined with chalk cliffs. On the coast north of the town lies a spit that extends to the mouth of the Somme.


On the beach of Onival finds from the Palaeolithic period have been made. There are no remains from the Gallo- Roman period, although it is believed that the place name Ault (low-high, ) is derived from the Latin word altus. Coming from the north of the village seems to be high above the sea.

In the Middle Ages the village belonged to the abbey of Saint -Valery -sur -Somme, which had been founded in the 7th century. In the 12th century the place name appears as Alt, Auth or Aulth in several documents.

Ault in winter

District of Le -Bois -de- Cise with access to the beach