Yzengremer is a commune with 565 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Somme in the Picardie region. It belongs to the district Abbeville, in the canton of Ault and the Local Government Association Vimeu Industriel.


Yzengremer is located in northern France, at the southern edge of the Somme in Vimeu, about 7 kilometers from the English Channel. The nearest major town Abbeville, the capital of the arrondissement same name, is 23 km away, in a northeasterly direction. Direct neighboring communities of Yzengremer are Bethencourt -sur -Mer in the northwest, Woincourt in the northeast, southeast and Dargnies Méneslies in the West. The municipality covers 340 hectares and is at an average altitude of 115 meters above sea level, the Mairie stands at a height of 119 meters.

Yzengremer a climate of type Cfb is assigned ( according to Köppen and Geiger ): Warm Temperate rain climate ( C ), fully wet ( f), the warmest month below 22 ° C, at least four months above 10 ° C ( b). There is a maritime climate with moderate summer.


Since 1962, the population of 471 to 558 ( of 2009) has increased.

Culture and sights

The Yzengremer castle is privately owned and is one of the Fautereau family since its construction. Parts of the facade are decorated with Diamantsteinquaderung. This type of masonry is rather unusual in France, was in Italy, however, standard. One writes the construction of this castle Anne de Fautereau to (1603-1676), Mary Strozzi Florence married in 1647. Due to restoration work in the 19th century is no longer determine whether the rustication originally covered the entire facade. The castle also has a flower garden.


There are two industrial companies in the community. 1890, the building for the lock factory Ducastel et Couillet was built. The company was called then Ducastel et Dehesdin and today Robert Couillet.

In the middle of the 20th century an industrial building for the foundry Gaston Dehesdin was built. Today the foundry € Fonte means.

Local products

The municipal area controlled designation of origin (AOC ) for lamb ( Pres-sales de la baie de Somme) apply. The lambs grazing on salt marshes at the Somme Bay. Furthermore, only by the proximity to the Haute -Normandie protected geographical indication ( PGI ) for Pork ( Porc de Normandie) and poultry ( Volailles de Normandie).