Strozzi family

The Strozzi are an ancient Florentine patrician family, which is already detectable in the 13th century to early aufteilte into several branches, and in the 14th century played a major role. Their wealth was based on banking, in its political commitment, they were mostly against the Medici, and were banished several times by them. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Strozzi acted as patrons, in addition, family members were active in the literary, artistic and religious area.

By marriage the Strozzi were among others the title of Prince of FORANO and Duke of Bagnolo. The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, which until 1907 belonged to the family, was bequeathed to the Italian State.

Palazzo Strozzi (Florence)

Known family members

Key members of the family are:

  • Tommaso Strozzi was 1378 Speaker of the Ciompi the Ciompi uprising
  • Palla Strozzi (* 1372, † May 8, 1462 ) was a politician and humanist, the Greek studies in Florence and Padua promoted. He studied under Manuel Chrysoloras (1353-1415) and founded the monastery of Santa Trinita, the first public library in Florence.
  • Zanobi Strozzi, a pupil of Fra Angelico (1395-1455)
  • Matteo Strozzi was the husband of Alessandra Macinghi (1406-1471), a famous writer; to his youth was Tommaso Parentucelli, the future Pope Nicholas V teacher in the family Strozzi
  • Filippo Strozzi, called il Vecchio, the Elder (1428-1491),
  • Filippo Strozzi, called il Giovane, the Younger (1488-1538) ∞ Clarice de ' Medici ( * 1493, † May 3, 1528 ), a sister of Lorenzo II de Medici
  • Piero Strozzi (1510-1558) ∞ 1539 Laudomia de Medici, sister of Lorenzino de Medici.
  • Filippo Strozzi ( 1541-1582 ).
  • Leone Strozzi (* 1515, † 1554 ) joined the Order of Malta and later became a famous admiral in the French service, and in the fight against the Medici; he died of the injuries he had received in the attack on Scarlino.
  • Roberto Strozzi ∞ 1539 Maddalena de Medici ( † April 14, 1583 ), a sister of Lorenzino de Medici
  • Tito Vespasian Strozzi (1425-1505), Italian humanist
  • Giovan Battista Strozzi, called il Vecchio, the Elder (1505-1571), Italian poet
  • Giovan Battista Strozzi, called il Giovane, the Younger (1551-1634), Italian writer
  • Pietro Strozzi, an opera composer, was a member of the Florentine Came rate from 1573 to the late 1580s.
  • Bernardo Strozzi, il Prete Genovese and called il Cappuccino (1581-1644) Italian painter.
  • Carlo Strozzi, Senator (1587-1671), built on an important library and put together a valuable collection, which became known as Carle Strozziane, and the bulk of which today is located in the state archives in Florence. He was the author of an unpublished Storietta della città di Firenze and a Storia della casa Barberini (Rome, 1640).
  • Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677), Baroque musician
  • Palla Strozzi (c. 1373 in Florence, † 1462 in Padua ), Italian merchant and humanist
  • Clarice Strozzi, nee de ' Medici (1493-1528), members of the elder branch of the Medici and since 1508 Filippo Strozzi the Younger, a Florentine banker married,
  • Maria Katharina Strozzi (1633-1714), Austrian nobleman, founder and eponym of the Vienna suburb Strozzigrund
  • Peter Strozzi (1626-1664), Count, imperial eunuch of General-Field Marshal Lieutenant; Commander at the siege of New Zrin in northern Croatia, where he fell