Woignarue is a commune of 830 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) by the Somme in the Picardie region.


The center of the resort Woignarue is located on the western edge of the Vimeu, 3.5 km north-east of Ault, 3 kilometers east of the coast of the English Channel, 24 kilometers west of Abbeville and about 7 kilometers north of the Bresle, which marks the border with the region of Haute -Normandie here. The community consists of two parts, the east is the town center ( bourg ) on the Vimeu and to the west is a cliff called falaise morte (dead cliff ), which connects to a stone beach.


Between 1790 and 1794, the seaside resort Onival was incorporated. 1793 Woignarue received in the course of the French Revolution the status of a municipality and in 1801 the right to local self-government. In the 19th century and 20th century Onival was extended north to present-day municipality of Woignarue. Onival itself is now a district of Ault.


Woignarue part of the community association Bresle maritime.

Since 1965, the community maintains a partnership with the German town Wehrden that belongs to Beverungen.


The old safe factory in Woignarue was built in 1891. When the factory in 1988 stopped the work, they had 33 employees. It is characterized as an industrial monument.

The Church of Sainte -Marie -Madeleine was built in the 17th century and rebuilt in the 19th century.


The image of the church is dominated by agriculture, main industries are farming, feed production and breeding of domestic animals of bovine, porcine and ovine. There is a copper foundry in Woignarue.