Line 11 (Madrid Metro)

The line 11 (Spanish Línea 11, short L- 11) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. It leads from the Plaza Elíptica to La Fortuna, is approximately 7.0 kilometers long and has seven stations. The route runs entirely underground.

The L -11 is part of the large profile of the Metro network and the length of the stations is 115 meters. Since the load on the first short section is still rather low, operate temporary low-profile vehicles. The connection to the rest of the wide gauge network is provided by a 280 meter long tunnel connection to the L-6 at Pan Bendito.

The construction of the L -11 began in February 1997 and the first section between Plaza Elíptica and Pan Bendito was opened on 16 November 1998. The second section to La Peseta was followed on 18 December 2006. On 5 October 2010, the station was opened in La Fortuna, which is currently the southern terminus of the line 11.

In the long term, the L -11 be extended to the north to the train stations Atocha and Chamartín.

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