Line 5 (Madrid Metro)

The line 5 (Spanish Línea 5, short L-5 ) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. It runs from Alameda de Osuna to Casa de Campo, is 23.2 km long and has 32 ​​stations. The average distance between stations is 748 meters.

The L-5 is the last line, which was built in the small profile, all subsequent lines originated in the United profile; the platform length is 90 meters. The station La Latina is the lowest lying under the ground station of the small network profile with a depth of 28 meters. Short sections at Aluche and Casa de Campo exposed to the air, the rest of the route is entirely underground.

At eleven stations can be switched to other metro lines, at three stations for electric train Cercanías. Casa de Campo is the only station of the entire network, which can be switched at the same platform.


The first (but not the oldest ) section of the L-5 is the section opened on June 5, 1968 between Callao and Carabanchel. The new line proved to be the beginning as not particularly successful because the metro society in the first years of higher fares than usual demanded. The line was subsequently extended on March 2, 1970 by Callao by Ventas. On the same day the L-5 took over the section Ventas - Ciudad Lineal, which had been traversed by the L-2 since 1964.

In 1970, the narrow-gauge railway was closed after Móstoles and until 1976 replaced by a railway line in Spanish broad gauge. The suburban line held, inter alia, in Aluche. To improve transfer connections, on 29 October 1976, the L-5 to existing since 1961 portion of the L -10 between Carabanchel and Aluche.

On January 18, 1980, the new section between Ciudad Lineal and Canillejas followed. The L-5 is now used as an access route all low-profile lines to the main maintenance workshop, which is located on extensive grounds between Canillejas and Las Musa (terminus of the L -7). Between Carabanchel and Aluche the intermediate station Eugenia de Montijo was opened on 27 October 1999; this is right at the tunnel exit. On 22 October 2002, the L-5 took over the section Aluche - Casa de Campo, who had been a part of the L-10 since 1961. On 24 November 2006, the extension of Canillejas to Alameda de Osuna was put into operation.

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