Line 12 (Madrid Metro)

The line 12 (Spanish Línea 12, short L- 12) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. This as MetroSur ( " south metro " ) designated line is the only of the entire network, which runs completely outside the urban area of ​​Madrid. It combines a ring route the southern suburbs Alcorcón, Leganés, Getafe, Fuenlabrada and Móstoles together. In 2005, these five cities had together over 900,000 inhabitants, with a strong upward trend.

The track is 40.96 km long, has 28 stations and is part of the large profile network. The stations are uniformly 115 m long; the average distance between stations is 1.450 km. A link with the rest of the network of the Madrid Metro is only at Puerta del Sur in Alcorcón, the terminus of the L- tenth However, it did at six stations interchanges to four different lines of Cercanías, the S-Bahn in the capital region.

In addition to extensive residential and industrial areas, the L -12 also opens up the various locations of two universities, the Universidad Carlos III and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Although the track partly through not überbautes terrain, it runs completely underground. This should not be affected, the projected rapid residential development. The areas directly above the tunnel belong to a large part of the Metro company. The plan is to refinance the track construction on the sale of such land as soon as the land prices rise above the price level at the time of purchase.

Construction began in April 2000. Three years later, on 11 April 2003, the commissioning of the L -12 was on its entire length. On the same day we also extended the L-10 from Colonia Jardín after Puerta del Sur and created a connection to the rest of the network. Thus, a total of 47 kilometers of new metro lines were opened in a single day, as much as never before in all of Europe.

The plan is an extension of the L-3 to Getafe. There at the station El Casar is to create a second connection to the rest of the metro network. In the medium to be inserted into the existing route with appropriate urban development new stations.

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