Line 8 (Madrid Metro)

The line 8 (Spanish Línea 8, short L-8 ) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. It runs from Nuevos Ministerios after Aeropuerto T4, is 16.4 km long and has eight stations. Since the line was planned from the beginning as a fast connection between the city center and the exhibition center Campo de las Naciones and the Madrid-Barajas airport, the average distance between stations is approximately three times as large as in the other lines. The fully underground line running belongs to a large network profile and the length of each stations is 115 meters.

At three stations can be switched to other metro lines, at a station for the suburban railway Cercanías. The connection is oriented to the needs of passengers: so was the possibility to abandon the baggage already in Nuevos Ministerios, which, however, was abolished in 2006 for safety reasons. In addition, the trains used but indeed have fewer seats for luggage racks. On the platforms screens are available which inform passengers of delays and cancellations of flights.


In 1995, the ambitious expansion program of the Madrid Metro was decided that a link between Mar de Cristal and the exhibition center Campo de las Naciones was initially intended. The planners rejected for noise abatement reasons a partially above-ground lines and subjected to a fully underground route before.

The decision to also bind the airport to the new line, fell only in 1997 after years of negotiations and planning. Having been in the conversation were also Renfe railway lines from the Chamartín train station and from the track to Alcalá de Henares, as well as extensions of the metro lines L-5 and L- seventh

On 14 June 1998, this King Juan Carlos I the section between Mar de Cristal and the airport station Aeropuerto, Barajas followed by the section on 7 September of the same year. Although the L-8 is a large profile line, reversed during the first four years of low-profile features of the 2000 series, because there was no connection to the rest of the wide gauge network; the platforms had to be widened temporarily. With the extension of the line to Nuevos Ministerios on 21 May 2002, this measure could be omitted. On May 3, 2007 with the opening of the station Aeropuerto T4 ( Airport Terminal 4 ) the current last change in the station sequence of the L -8.

From 1982 to 1998 was another line the designation L -8. This was around the northern part of today's L- tenth

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