Ramal (Madrid Metro)

The R line is a subway line of the Madrid Metro, the R is an abbreviation of the Spanish word Ramal (German " branch " ) is. It is a short shuttle line without intermediate stations between the city center ( station Ópera ) and the Príncipe Pío station. The line is exactly 1092 meters long, making it the shortest metro line in Europe. A single train with four carriages shuttling between the end back and forth. The track is indeed double track, but there are only two stations in each one platform.

The line was opened 3 on December 27, 1925., The local metro company that had already had good experiences with their first tracks, wanted the short shuttle and the North Station ( Estación del Norte, today Príncipe Pío ) connect. This station lies deep down in the valley of the Manzanares; the trams were able to drive very slowly on the steep road, so the R line, despite its brevity a considerable amount of time allowed.

In August 1936, a few weeks after the start of the Spanish Civil War, the traffic on the line R had to be stopped; the North Station had been cut off from its hinterland, so there were hardly any passengers. After the end of the war in March 1939, the operation was resumed.

Over decades, the R line was the only metro line that opened up the North Station. This changed in the early 1990s. The long-distance trains to the north- west, we headed to the Chamartín station built the railway terminus to a powerful transit station for the Cercanías local trains. The existing subway station was developed into a major transfer hubs, stick to the since the L-6 and L-10.

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