Line 7 (Madrid Metro)

The line 7 (Spanish Línea 7, short L-7 ) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. It leads Pitis to Las Musa, is 32.9 km long and has 29 stations. The average distance between stations is 1.10 km, the length of the stations 115 meters. The L-7 is the first line, which was built in large profile. It runs completely underground. At five stations can be switched to other metro lines, at a station for local train Cercanías.


On July 17, 1974, the opening of the section between Las Musa and Pueblo Nuevo was. Because the delivery of trains of the series had 5000 delayed, inverted during several months small gauge trains of the series in 1000 on the first large profile line. To bridge the gap between the platform edge and the train doors, running boards were mounted. As of May 17, 1975 L-7 on Pueblo Nuevo wrong out of the station Avenida de América.

The L-7 was for more than twenty years, a rather isolated radial line to the east of the city, far from the city center. Another disadvantage was the ill-conceived transfer connections in the station Avenida de América long pedestrian tunnel, so the demand was rather low compared to other lines.

This changed in the mid 1990s, when the L-7 was expanded extended in stages two and a half times and the main east -west diameter line. The first section between Avenida de América and Gregorio Marañón went into operation on 13 March 1998, from 16 October 1998, went on to Canal. The third section after Valdezarza was opened on 12 February 1999. With the opening of the last section by Pitis the L-7 was at its northwestern end point on 29 March 1999.

The lying between Lacoma and Pitis station Arroyo del Fresno is already created in the shell. It has been opened but not yet, because the surrounding area is only sparsely built over.

On 5 May 2007, the L-7 was extended by 12.2 km to the east in the suburban San Fernando de Henares. Because the area east of the city limits is not yet completely overbuilt and therefore even lower frequencies are expected to operate on this section for the time being only 3- car trains with a larger interval. Passengers must at Estadio Olímpico change to the so-called line 7b until the anticipated increase in ridership justifies a continuous operation. The terminus of the Hospital del Henares was inaugurated on February 7, 2008.

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