Line 4 (Madrid Metro)

Line 4 (Spanish Línea 4, short L-4 ) is a subway line of the Madrid Metro. It runs from Argüelles to Pinar de Chamartín, is 16.0 km long and has 23 stations. The average distance between stations is 727 meters. The route runs entirely underground. The L-4 belongs to the low-profile network of the metro and the length of the stations is 60 meters. At nine stations can be switched to other metro lines.


The construction of the L-4 began in 1942., You were delayed repeatedly since the Second World War, the rest of Europe shook and some building materials were therefore only available in a limited. The first section between Arguelles and Goya was opened on 24 March 1944. Thus, a west-east connection was created, with the city center could be avoided.

The L-4 took over on October 2, 1958 the section between Goya and Diego de León. This already existed since 1932 and was operated as a branch line of the L-2. During the Spanish Civil War, he had been closed and had served as an arsenal.

On March 27, 1973, the section between Diego de León and Alfonso XIII was opened. This was followed by the sections Alfonso XIII - Esperanza on 5 January 1979, Esperanza - Mar de Cristal on 27 April 1998 and Mar de Cristal - Parque de Santa María on 15 October 1998.

From Parque de Santa María of the line was extended on 11 April 2007 by 3.2 km to Pinar de Chamartín. There is a transit traffic to the same day extended L-1 and ML -1 line of light rail Metro Ligero Madrid.

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