Northern Savonia

Northern Savonia ( Savo Finnish for Pohjois [ ˌ pɔhjɔi̯s sɑvɔ ], swedish Norra Savolax, German North Savo ) is one of 19 landscapes of Finland. Essentially entail the former province of Kuopio ( Kuopion lääni ), the northern part of the historical province of Savo. At the present administrative region include 20 municipalities, including 6 cities.

Savo is a forest and lake-rich area. The total area is 20,367 square kilometers, of which 16,808 square kilometers of land, with a forest cover of 83 percent. The largest lakes are Kallavesi, Haukivesi, Onkivesi. The population is around 250,000 residents.

The administrative center of the region is the city of Kuopio, which also forms the main center for eastern Finland with more than 90,000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1775 and is now the eighth largest city in Finland. Since 1972 she has a university and hosts the regional library, a theater and a music center. Here also, the Orthodox Church of Finland has its headquarters mid-19th century worked here nationally important cultural personalities: the writer Minna Canth and Juhani Aho, Johan Vilhelm Snellman and the Edelfelt family of artists and painters Juha Rissanen. Some of her paintings can be seen at the Art Museum of Kuopio.

Larger cities in Northern Savo are still the industrial city Varkaus, Iisalmi, where one of the larger Finnish breweries is located ( Olvi ) and Suonenjoki, which is known for its strawberry production in Finland.

The economy of Northern Savonia is dominated by forestry and agriculture as well as the metal industry. Kuopio is also an important location for technology development in the field of medicine, biotechnology and environmental technology. Tourism also plays an important role. In Kuopio find on the mountain Puijo the World Cup competitions in ski jumping and the Finland Ice Marathon on the Lake Kallavesi instead. In Kuusamo, there is a bigger ski area on the Tahko Mountain. In addition, the National Park Tiilikkajärvi lies partly in Northern Savo. The community Sonkajärvi comes every year with their world championship in marriage Women's Wear in the international news.

Coat of arms

Description of coat of arms: In a golden black shield drawn bow with silver tendon. The bow shows up to the right and his golden arrow has a silver tip and fletching.

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At Savo include 20 municipalities, of which six cities (in bold) are ( 2013). Population figures as at 31 August 2006.