Without one of the oldest settlements in the western Lower Saxony, one of the smallest independent communities of Lower Saxony and the integrated municipality in the district of Schüttorf belongs Bentheim.

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Geographical location

Without bordered to the south by the district of Steinfurt (North Rhine -Westphalia) and on the east by the district of Emsland. The neighboring municipality Samern surrounds the site to the north and west.

The community belongs to the Samtgemeinde Schüttorf, which has its headquarters in the city Schüttorf.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are Samern, salt mountains ( Emsland) and betting rings ( Kreis Steinfurt, North Rhine -Westphalia).


The area was already inhabited in the Palaeolithic period. The name was first mentioned in 1213 einsilbriger form "ON". The founding of the village " Oen " (Without ) was carried out by Frankish immigrants in the Carolingian period. It is a scattered village, which served as a fortified village at the same time. The municipality Without the extreme southeast or south of the velvet municipality Schüttorf has a pronounced, very compact village location and directly at a ford of the river Vecht. With an independent village center above the Vechtetals is residential development of Without, unlike in the other rural communities, not marked by scattered sites, but by an accumulation of settlements and buildings. Even the fantastic single vineyard farms still have a relatively close proximity to the village location with church, play group and other typical village facilities. On the edge of the original core location of the village is an extension of the residential development has taken place. For today's expression, not least, the valley of the river Vecht with its extensive floodplain and in the recent past, the court situation in the nearest village location significantly. Outside the village location, the municipal area is characterized by extensive agricultural land ( without Hoflagen ) and in the far west of the transferred to Bad Bentheim forest areas.

The place has retained its village character. L 68 and K 25 hold the through traffic from the actual village street away. Located in the center of the village square, where formerly stood the war memorial is dominated by mature trees: four as a head cut trees Linden, another Linde with normal circumcised crown and two full-grown hawthorn. The place continues to meet transport functions. The lanes are paved with natural stones, the parking areas with red brick pavers. For the facades of adjacent buildings uniformly red brick or red brick veneer were used.

The local church is uncharacteristically not right on the square, but in the second row. From the square with a passing hochstämmigem hawthorn way to the back of the church leads to a wooden bridge over the Vecht. East of the river itself is the path lined on either side by hedges, and ends as a cycle path along the county road. Two tourist cycling routes projects " Grafschafter Fietsentour " and the " Vechtetalroute ", pass through the town.

Not far from the village there is the 9.2 megawatt wind farm performance Quendorf, which was completed in May 2013.


Parish council

The local council in Without consists of two council women and 7 councilors.


Culture and sights


  • Protect Club No - Haddorf Association ( founded in 1827 )
  • Without Spielmannszug - Haddorf Association ( founded in 1904 )
  • Ortsfeuerwehr Without ( Established 1934)
  • Rural Youth Samern - Without (founded in 1947)
  • Country Women's Association Samern - Suddendorf - Without (founded in 1949)
  • Sports and Game Association Without eV ( founded in 1966 )
  • Shooting Friends Without Haddorf - eV
  • Home club without
  • Gospel Choir (founded in 2007) without
  • Bürgerbus club Schüttorf - Without - betting rings ( founded in 2006 )

A special feature is that some clubs made ​​up of members from the places without ( Lower Saxony) and Haddorf (NRW ), ie across countries put together.


  • The Reformed Church is one of the oldest churches of the county of Bentheim, parts date from the first half of the 13th century. A fire on Ascension Day in 1757 caused considerable damage to the tower and roof, which were resolved only in 1764. Evidence of a large inscription on the tower front: " RENOVEERT 1764 ". Without obtain a solid church, which was consecrated by the Utrecht missionary Ludger in the 12th century. In the period following the term "God - Without " came on. Indicates a crucifix in the church, which was already in the 9th century as a symbol of the church.
  • Since 2012 is the raumsichten Bridge artwork Laßnitz by Hans Schabus, a disused railway bridge in the Graz- Köflacher train from Germany mountain, Without. The bridge structure is based on two concrete foundations on the Vecht on the border between Lower Saxony and Westphalia.
  • As part of the Post Road Rheine - Oldenzaal received no 1771 - despite fierce opposition from the City Schüttorf - his first solid Vechtebrücke. In the late 1960s a new reinforced concrete bridge was built.

Regular events

  • Fair ( on the first Tuesday in September and the previous Sunday )
  • Christmas Market the Protestant church ( the Saturday before the first Advent )
  • Marksmen ( 2nd weekend in June )

Economy and infrastructure


The A 31 motorway can be reached within 8 km from the municipality of.

Since the beginning of May 2007, the community bus line runs 510 of the Transport Community Bentheim of Schüttorf about Samern, Without, Bilk after betting rings and Haddorf, Without and Samern back to Schüttorf.

Public institutions

The kindergarten " Ohner wood mice " was founded as a children's circle in 1972 and converted into a kindergarten in 2011.


  • Wessel Visch Friedrich (1773-1860), Reformed preacher, poet, historian