Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a 300 megabyte Live-GNU/Linux-Distribution from the United States with the aim to simplify the partitioning hard drives. For this purpose, the tool offers, among others, the partitioner GNU Parted and that build GUI program GParted.


Parted Magic is available as a direct start system for the storage media CD and USB stick, as well as in the PXE format and is loading at startup completely into memory. For operation at least 312 megabytes of memory are required ( as a direct system 175 MB).


In addition to GNU Parted and the acts building upon GParted, Parted Magic offers following programs to study hard disks for errors and to correct them if possible:

  • Partimage, whose successor FSArchiver including GUI ( qt4- fsarchiver ) and Clonezilla - Used to backup and restore hard disks and partitions
  • Smartmontools including GUI ( gsmartcontrol ) - Tested and detect possible defects of hard drives via SMART
  • TestDisk - Tested and recovers deleted partitions, and restore data
  • Our own simple GUI for secure deletion of partitions or entire hard disks MBR - among other uses dd, shred and nwipe
  • NTFS-3G - driver for read and write access to the NTFS file system of Microsoft Windows.
  • Numerous programs fdisk ( partitioning programs )

Warning for Windows 8: At the time you should avoid write access to the file system of Windows 8. There is a risk of data loss, as is written in the standard settings benutztem Quick Start or in the normal resting state information on the status of all mounted file systems (eg, NTFS and FAT32) in a memory dump. Remedy, among other disabling Fast Boot.

The distribution uses the LXDE desktop environment and offers the usual in many of today's operating systems, programs like PDF viewer ( Evince ), image viewer ( Mirage ) Compression tools ( File Roller ), music player ( Audacious ), burning programs ( Xfburn ), CD Ripper ( Asunder ) and the CUPS printing system on. In addition, some internet programs such as an IRC client ( XChat ) and the Firefox web browser with rechargeable Flash and Java and the free virus scanner ClamAV with the graphical user interface clamtk are available. A simple GUI allows you to save settings made for future sessions. The installation on a hard disk is possible.


Since the beginning of August 2013 ( version 2013_08_01 ) download the CD image from the original site is no longer free, but costs $ 4.99 per download. However, Parted Magic is Free Software and may be distributed under the GPL license. This change will, however, been on the homepage at any point, which is very different reactions causes among users. An Internet search for the displayed under download current filename but quickly provides many free alternate download options.

History of development