Paul van der Sterren

Paul van der Sterren ( born March 17, 1956 in Venlo ) is a Dutch chess player.

His international career began in van der Sterren 1974, when he participated in the European Youth Championships in Groningen. In 1979 he was second in the B tournament in Wijk aan Zee and in the same year an International Master, 1980, he was 1 -2. in London. In 1985 he was winner of the Dutch Championship 1988, he won with the Netherlands at the Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki the bronze medal. 1989, the year in which his FIDE awarded the grandmaster title he won in Ostend and Munich ( together with his compatriot Jeroen Piket ), 1991, he finished second in Altensteig ( behind Alexander Csernyin ) and won the 1992 in Nettetal ( together with Markus Stangl ).

The year 1993 was the most successful of his career: first, he had a second title win at the Dutch Championship, then he qualified on the zone tournament in Brussels, together with his compatriot Loek van Wely for the Interzonal in Biel, where he unexpectedly Second by Boris Gelfand and was able to qualify for the candidates tournament. The following year he left, however, already in the first round of FIDE candidates matches in Wijk aan Zee against the American Gata Kamsky with 2,5:4,5 from. In the same year van der Sterren won in Antwerp before Viktor Korchnoi.

In later years succeeded van der Sterren no further significant success more. In 1997 he took part in Groningen at the FIDE KO world championship, but he already retired in the 1st round against Michał Krasenkow from. Since 2002 he plays practically no more tournaments. In 2011 he published an autobiography titled Zwart op Wit, Verslag van een schakersleven (ISBN 978-90-5691-376-2 ). Van der Sterrens Elo rating is 2514 (as of November 2011).