Raab is a market town in Upper Austria in Schärding district in Innviertel with 2252 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The municipality is located in the judicial district Schärding.

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Raab is on 381 m altitude in Innviertel. The expansion is 7.9 kilometers from north to south, from west to east 5 km. The total area is 22.5 km ². 15.6 % of the area is forested, 72 % of the land used for agriculture.

Villages of the municipality

Bruendl, Brünning, Einburg, Gautzham, Grossprambach, Kleinpireth, Krennhof, Niederham, Oberspitz Ling, Pausing, Raab, Rackersedt, Riedlhof, Thal, Ungering, Weeg, Hirschdobl, Loher mountain

Coat of arms

Blazon: Argent, on green Dreienberg a raven.

The coat of arms Raab was awarded in 1813 by King Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria at the same time with the market survey and confirmed in 1830 by Emperor Franz I.. As canting arms of the raven symbolizes in volksetymologischer interpretation of the place name.


Since the establishment of the Duchy of Bavaria, the place was Bavarian, he is first mentioned in 955. The parish church is dedicated to St. Michael and dates from the 12th century. The place itself was the seat of a Hofmark whose owner since 1150 the nobles of Rurippe - Reurippe, then the Lords of Waldeck, the Lords of Messenbäck, the bishops of Chiemsee, the Baron von Neuhaus, the counts of acts of Bach, the lords of nature, the lords of Aichberg and later Count Hans Veit of Maxlrein, the Reichersberg and until 1849, finally, the Count Arco Valley were. Raab came in 1779 after the Treaty of Teschen with the Innviertel (then Innbaiern ) to Austria. During the Napoleonic Wars shortly royal Bavarian, the place was raised by King Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria on 8 June 1813 market. Raab heard since 1814 finally returned to Austria above the Enns. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich on 13 March 1938, the village belonged to the Upper Danube. After 1945 the restoration of Upper Austria. By the end of 2002, the village belonged to the district court Raab, after its dissolution, she was assigned to the judicial district of Schärding.


Mayor Joseph is Traunwieser of the ÖVP.

Population Development

In 1991, the municipality had 2208 inhabitants according to the census, in 2001 then 2269 inhabitants.

Culture and sights


  • Castle Raab
  • Catholic Parish Church of St.. Michael
  • Pilgrimage Church of Maria Bruendl
  • Castle Einburg

Regular events

In the Roth Uber Hall Raab annually the three-day Inntöne Jazz Festival was held. Since 2002 it takes place on Paul Zauner's farm when the weather at Pentecost allows an open-air event.

At the campsite Raab takes place every year in all weathers the great midsummer festival instead. It is elected in June ( solstice June 21) always the 3rd Friday. In addition to the fire and the sausages Lessen also music groups occur, for children there are games on the big tent site.


  • Daxsperger Leopold (1896-1963), composer
  • Daxsperger Ludwig (1900-1996), organist and composer
  • Franz Dobusch ( born 1951 ), former Mayor of Linz (1988 - 2013)
  • Alois Jungwirth (1884-1946), Member of Parliament
  • Leonhard Kaiser ( around 1480-1527 ), Lutheran theologian and reformer
  • Hugo Lindinger (1911-1988), actor
  • Fritz Gerhard Mayr ( born 1931 ), architect