Robert L. Surtees

Robert Surtees ( born August 9, 1906 in Covington, Kentucky; † 5 January 1985 in Monterey, California ) was an American cinematographer.

Life and work

Robert Surtees went to Cincinnati to school. After graduation (1925 ) he moved to Los Angeles. There he was set in 1927 by Universal as a camera assistant and assigned to the camera Gregg Toland legends and Joseph Ruttenberg. In 1929 Surtees to Berlin and was until the following year working as a cameraman easier under the direction of Charles Stumar. In the German capital, among others photographed I live for you and the strange past of Thea Carter. Early 1930 Surtees returned back to Hollywood, where he worked his way over the next twelve years as chief cameraman.

In this position, Surtees worked since 1942 and has become one of the most respected cinematographers of the American film industry. He turned in classic black and white or in color, and received Oscar nominations for his work numerous. His son Bruce Surtees (1937-2012) was also a cameraman.

Filmography (selection)


Overall, Robert Surtees received 1945-1979 still for 13 more films Oscar nominations.