School of Advanced Study

The School of Advanced Study is one belonging to the University of London Institute composite. Your task is according to its constitution to promote and facilitate research and vertiefendem studies in the humanities and social sciences.

The composite was created on 1 August 1994 and then brought together eight different specialized institutions that existed independently under the umbrella of the federal structure of the University of London. Since the establishment of three institutions have been launched. The ten member institutes of the School of Advanced Study are:

  • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
  • Institute of Classical Studies
  • Institute of Commonwealth Studies
  • Institute of English Studies
  • Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies
  • Institute of Historical Research
  • Institute of Musical Research
  • Institute of Philosophy
  • Institute for the Study of the Americas
  • Warburg Institute

The institutes are purely postgraduate institutions, ie only master courses and doctoral programs it offered there. The School of Advanced Study is also home to the Human Rights Consortium, which brings together the various research institutes in the field of human rights with the work of foreign organizations and experts.